Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkins for Fall Weddings!!

Who doesn't love pumpkins? When I see them I think of Fall, my favorite season! Pumpkins are an inexpensive way to decorate your fall wedding. From mini pumpkin escort cards to pumpkin flower girl baskets, you will find your fall pumpkin inspiration here!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guest Books!

Everyone knows that you need a guest book at your wedding. Everyone signs it so you will remember who attended your beautiful event. After the wedding, it gets packed in a box with your wedding cards and you never look at it again.
Well, why not do something a little different so you will want to look at who attended your wedding?!

You can choose from so many options! From family trees where guests sign their name on a leaf or they can put a thumb print as their leaf and sign on that!

Or you can have a large piece of art for guests to sign!

Or use a beautiful monogram that you can hang in your home.

Or, if you have a rustic theme, use a wood slab!

Or make a gorgeous photo album with your engagement pictures and leave room to sign!

And my favorite, have one of your engagement pictures turned into a large puzzle and have your guests sign the back!

Just be creative and personalize it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bridesmaid's Gifts!!!

All girl's love jewelry...and all girls love candles.  So, who wouldn't love getting them together?!  We have found the perfect bridesmaid gift!   

Diamond Candles!!  
Each candle has a ring in it worth anywhere from $10-$5,000!  The company has an assortment of candle scents and each candle has a hidden treasure!  The rings are hidden within the candle and are wrapped in a gold foil wrapper.  You get to dig out the gold and unwrap your surprise!  It is an adult version of the cracker jack box! 

Check out their website at 

Here are two great ways to give these gifts...

Ask your friend to be your bridesmaid:

Plan a special evening in with you and your girlfriend.  Tell her that you bought her a special candle that you would like to burn while you guys are drinking wine, watching your favorite chick flick, cooking an amazing meal, or just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.  Once the candle has burnt down you can point out that there is a special wrapped gift in the candle that she needs to get out. Once she has opened it, you can "POP" the question, "Will you be my bridesmaid?"  How cute is that?  This is a night you both will remember forever.  

Give as a Bridesmaid Gift:

You can include one of the candles in a gorgeous gift basket full of fun spa gifts!  Add a note with the candle listing instructions that she must take pictures of the ring as she opens it out of it's gold wrapping.  (because you know she wont be able to wait until you return from your honeymoon to burn the candle)  Then you can put together a small scrapbook of your closest friends unwrapping their rings.  One may even be a $1,000 ring!!!  

This is a gorgeous rose gold diamond ring that was found in one of the candles!!  I love it!  And I hope I get one just like it when I burn my next Diamond Candle!!  

You can follow Diamond Candles on Facebook and Pinterest to see real photos of rings!!  

Happy Planning!!! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We all love wedding cake! Here are some of this year's favorite picks!! Tell us which is your favorite!

I love this cake!  This wedding cake is the perfect mix of lace, bling and feather romance! Just gorgeous!

I love cake balls!! This is such a huge trend right now!  Ask your baker if they can provide a cake ball stand for you. 

Mad Hatter!! These wedding cakes are always a favorite!

Perfect mix of bride and grooms cakes!!

Beautiful, rose wedding cake. Love, love, love.

Gorgeous silver tiered cake.

Vintage style wedding cake!

Modern wedding cake designs.

And gorgeous sweet tables!! Make your wedding day personalized and create a gorgeous sweet table. Call us today and we will create the perfect wedding day for you!!

Happy planning!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun Cake Toppers and Figurines!

I love the bling monogram cake toppers and flowers as well.  The bride and groom figurines have not been used in a few years but I am starting to see them again!  The last couple of months I have seen them make a comeback, not on top of the cake but sitting next to the cake.  Check out these cute little couples!

For all of my football playing grooms!  I love this football playing bride and groom!  This is the perfect cake topper for the college or NFL football playing groom.  

This cute couple is lounging on the beach!  This would be so cute to use for a beach wedding, of course.  But have your photographer take a photo of you and the groom in this same position on the beach.  Then, have the picture framed and placed next to the figurine in a display case...So cute!

Adorable figurine where the couple is leaving for their honeymoon!

Are you a member of a motorcycle club?  Or do you just love riding your Harley?  This is a great just married motorcycle get away wedding couple!  

And for the Disney Bride!  This is a Minnie Mouse Dream Wedding Figurine!  This is perfect for a Disney wedding or would make a great gift for a couple that will be celebrating their honeymoon at Disney World!  

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bling Bridal Shower! (after all, diamonds are a girl's best friend!)

I had the honor of throwing a gorgeous bridal shower over the weekend!  The bride is all about bling and fancy feathers.  This party was so much fun to decorate for!  I had a fabulous time making a cupcake stand, decorative engagement rings, and a gorgeous feather wreath!!  Take a look...

This is the cupcake stand I made for the shower!  You can rent this bling cupcake stand from me for only $30, or you can purchase one of your very own for $80.  

All of the guests were greeted at the front door with this beautiful feathery wreath!  (You can purchase your very own customized feather wreath for only $40)

I made a silver sparkly monogram for the mantel decor.  I used mini mirrored tiles to create a hanging sparkle effect.  

I made these cute oversized diamond engagement rings for decoration.  They were very cute and easy to make!  I spray painted embroidery rings and hot glued faucet handles and cabinet hardware on!  So easy and so cute!  

I cut out diamond shapes from glitter paper and used toothpicks to stick into a donut...voila!  Diamond Engagement Ring Hors D'Oeuvres! 

No detail is ever too small!  An engagement ring was dropped into every glass of champagne...yes, it was only an ice cube but it was too cute!

Sparkles! Bling! Feathers! Cupcakes! 
I ordered the cupcakes from a local bakery then I decorated them myself.  I added a giant diamond ring and a white feather behind it.  

Each guest was given this cute diamond engagement ring key chain as a favor! 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!  

Happy Planning!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Gifts!

Your flower girl and ring bearer are the youngest in your bridal party but you want to be sure they feel special too!  Here are some fun ideas for these cute kids!

Flower Girls:

Every little girl loves Dora!  What a perfect gift for her!

This is a cute t-shirt that your flower girl can wear over and over again!

This is my favorite!  Every little girl has an American Girl Doll and they love to dress them up to match themselves!  The wedding outfit is perfect for your flower girl!

Ring Bearers:

This cute Teddy Bear is a perfect Ring "Bear"er gift!!

This is a fun book that lists the 10 best things about being a ring bearer!

And a cute t-shirt for him!

Happy Planning!!