Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Wine Glass Centerpiece Decor for Your Wedding or Event.

Who needs an expensive candelabra?  Not you!  All you need is a variety of stemware and you can have a gorgeous centerpiece!  Choose your favorite wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, and any other type of stemware.  Use your imagination and creativity to put together this DIY decor for your wedding, shower, or special event!

I used a crystal champagne flute, crystal wine glass, red diamond paper weight, red linen and a square silver tray for this centerpiece.  Easy, elegant, and your guests will talk about how beautiful this was! 

Next, I used a crystal candle holder flipped it upside down and added a third candle.  Then I used the candle holder right side up and displayed a beautiful, large red rose.  (Oh, and I switched to the round silver tray for these)

You can use different sized wine glasses with candles and flowers. Like I said, play around with it until you find something that works for you!

One of my favorite colors is cobalt blue so I have a wide variety of cobalt blue stemware.  Mix and match the stemware with candles and flowers. 

Add a few blue L.E.D. lights with clear crystals in a tea light holder to get a gorgeous look.

This is a piece of vellum.  I have cut it out and added two slits to attach the ends together.  This will help you turn a simple wine glass into a small table lamp!  Roll the vellum up and you have a cute and easy lamp shade. 

The first picture I used a cobalt blue wine glass.  The second picture I have used a crystal wine glass for the table lamp.  Both have a blue LED light inside.  You can use any color LED light or use a tea light.

If you are planning a December wedding or just want a cute idea for your holiday party this is it!  You can purchase miniature holiday decor from your local craft store.  Cut out a piece of card board in a round circle  that will fit the bottom of your wine glass. Glue the miniature decor to the card board and allow to dry. Add  snow to the wine glass.  Glue the card board to the rim of the wine glass and let dry completely. Flip your wine glass upside down and you have your very own snow globe!  You can tie a ribbon, ornament, or bell to the stem for an extra bit of style. 

This is an adorable idea for a favor when you are using wine glasses for your centerpieces.  You can order the votive wine glass from any wedding favor distributer.  I used wire and beads to add something extra to the favor.  You can spiral the wire in the back to display an engagement photo or a thank you for each of your guests.  This would also be a great idea for escort cards!

Happy Planning!!!

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